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A Yoga Weekend at Curves

On Friday 21st of June, it is The International Day of Yoga and we simply cannot help but celebrate. For the weekend we will be hosting a variety of events to celebrate the forms of Yoga and Tai-Chi which are so dear to us. 

If the stars could not be more aligned, we also enter the Summer Solstice that week, and a beautiful Strawberry Moon will light our sky.

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7:30 pm - Live Music Flow

An evening to relax and take in the energy of the full moon. We will start with a few detoxifying refreshments and practices, followed by a 60-minute yoga flow and meditation accompanied by a live Classical Guitarist. The perfect way to end your week and recharge.

Full  experience will be 1.5 hrs, class will start at 8:00 pm. We will provide mats.


5:30 pm - Art & Yoga

Paint & Heal - A painting lesson to heal your inner artist, learn new and creative ways to re-invigorate your creativity and tranquillity.

Live Music Chair Yoga - A gentle flow accompanied by a live Classical Guitarist. Perfect to stretch the body and enjoy yoga without balance.

Full experience will be 2.5 hrs, you can choose just the live music yoga for £19.


9:30 am - Tai-Chi in Nature

A Qigong Seminar to show you the first 6 forms of this form of Tai-Chi. A beautifully meditative 90 minute class, finished by a flow in nature. Starting the morning with a relaxing flow, we will offer refreshments to get you started and a bit of history on this ancient martial art. Cleanse the spirit through nature and purify yourself.

Full experience will be 2 hours, the practice in nature will be optional.

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