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Meet The Team

Here to help you achieve your goals and support you through your fitness journey




Her love for working-out, started before Curves and has only grown since. Timea was introduced to our club as a member and fell in love with it so much, she had to be part of the team! Timea believes a healthy body starts with a healthy mentality. She loves to find new holistic ways to improve our bodies and help women get the best version of themselves. She is guaranteed to get your heart-racing with plenty of aerobics and a few sneaky dance moves. Get ready for some fun on the circuit!




Diana found her calling for Yoga and Pilates many years ago as she tried this art as a way of self physical therapy. She believes, and has experienced, how much fitness truly improves our lives. Her love for fitness is only on par with her love for knowledge; She is qualified in Nutrition, Rehabilitation and

Physiotherapy. She is ready to help you better your health through inner and outer strength. We are here to get stronger together!



   Club Manager   

A qualified Curves Coach and owner of the business. Started her Curves journey years ago and never looked back! Her aim is to make you glow, from sweat and confidence. She thrives on the science behind our wonderful women's bodies and how we can strengthen them. At Curves, supporting anyone regardless of their abilities is a must and we want to create a safe space for all women to feel better and stronger in themselves.

Join her journey! 




Her life with Curves started before our very own club's life. Oksana has worked in Curves for over 15 years, she is a multi-club owner in Ukraine and has now enriched our club with her warming presence and huge pool of Curves knowledge. She loves to keep members safe on the circuit and priorities strength-training correctly. Through her years with Curves Ukraine, she has trained with hundreds of different women and tailored her training to them all. Aren't you already excited to meet her?


Why don't we get to know one another
Curves Hampton opened more than 10 years ago and has become a central part of the community and high-street.

In 2020 the club, as all independent businesses, went through a very tough time and was 2 days away from closing its doors forever.
As an ex coach and great believer of Curves, Marianna heard the news and decided to take over and try her best to save the club. Marianna and her team, quickly reopened the clubs' doors and after many of lockdowns, they are thrilled to welcome new and old members everyday.

With the new ownership, the club has undergone quite the facelift. Offering more classes than ever before together with new coaches bringing all new moves, the spirits are high and so is our motivation to get you fit!

Visit us

Come in to have a look around!
Getting to us couldn't be easier. We are located at the end of Hampton high-street.

Bus:  you can reach us with the 111 or 216, stop Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.
Train: Hampton Station is only a 5 minute walk
Car: We offer all our members, existing and new, free parking on premises.
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