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Every week, Curves will be hosting a 1 hour Club to exercise in new and exciting ways.

Yoga Class

 Pilates At Curves 

A 6-weeks course to explore the art of Pilates, each session to be lead by Diana Molina. She is a Yoga and Pilates instructor with over 15 years of experience, she has discovered Pilates through a journey of self-healing and experienced on her own skin how incredible these movements can be to the body.

This form of exercise  engages and strengthens the core muscles, helping us improve posture and stability whilst elongating our muscles. Pilates emphasizes controlled movements, promoting muscular endurance and flexibility to create strong and lean muscles; all vital for overall functional fitness. 

Pilates positively impacts women's bodies by cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and mental clarity leading us to a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle. These clubs will be unrepeated chances to try new exercises, a one-time opportunity for health! Are you ready to join in?


Members Price.
Purchasing the
6-weeks course.


Pay-As-You-Go, no commitment


+ free pre-club assessment.

Exercising Barefoot
Starting Monday 9th of October for 6-weeks, every Monday at 7 pm.

Let's join the After-Curves Club,
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Thank you, we have received your submission and will email you regarding payments soon. See you on the circuit!

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