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Our Frequently Asked Questions just below, will clear any doubts or queries you might have!
Will the circuit challenge me enough?
Absolutely YES. Our machines are built with resistance rather than weights. This means, they grow with you, the stronger you get, the heavier they become. Whilst on the boards, the coaches do their very best to keep  you moving!
Do you have workout classes?
We host classes everyday of the week, twice a day.  The club has a great mix of high impact and low impact classes, for all fitness levels. We always integrate our machines into the circuit. Visit our 'Join Us' page for more information.
Are you a women only gym?
Yes, absolutely. All our machines are designed to benefit the female body the most as we respond best to Strength Training mixed with Cardiovascular activity. We are a very inclusive club and work hard to make all our ladies feel welcome.
Are the machines safe for all fitness levels?
The circuit has been studied to fit every body of every shape and fitness level. Since our machines work off resistance rather than weight, it is completely adaptable to personal strength. Never worry about injuring yourself again!
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